Helping experts/bloggers/creators of online schools in the creative and digital professions, in organizing and maintaining an online education project.
Management, design, and marketing of online education projects.
You're tired of figuring out all the services you need to get started.
Tired of the inconsistency of contractors and control over their work.
You want someone who knows the specifics of online education products.
I will help set up the technical infrastructure, hire contractors, visually package, and bring the audience into your project.

I'll help you create a sales presentation for a webinar or other lead magnet.
Guide the student from the beginning of their decision to buy your course to the end of their learning experience.
You can focus on the product – creating learning content.
You can focus on the product – creating learning content.
I have worked my way up from off-line outdoor advertising design, video production design to digital marketing and online education project production.
Winner of the
Creative Spark Big Idea Challenge in the creative category for the best business idea with a project
Jewelry Art Education - an online academy of jewelry art.
I am a producer, designer, and marketer in online education projects.
Hi, my name is Dana Shkin.
Therefore, the production service will help the expert/blogger not to burn out without launching the project, due to routine and unpleasant organisational issues. We will help you with the technical infrastructure of an online course, design, audience engagement and content for an educational product.
It takes a lot of time for an expert to do everything himself.
It takes a lot of time for an expert to do everything himself.
As a producer, I completed the following tasks::

- Analysed competitors.
- Developed a product line together with an expert.
- Designed website, student personal cabinet (Tilda) presentations, and handouts.
- Created site on Tilda, connected the payment system, and mailings, and configured LMS.
- Formed a community on Telegram
- Automated mailings, and payments, added users to the platform and opened lessons.
- Promoted in free and paid (targeted advertising on Facebook & Instagram) ways.
- Filmed and edited video lessons.
- Supported and conducted online training.
Full production of the online academy of jewellery art.
There are three formats of how you can work with me:
Me or the team, do part or all of the process on a price list that you pay, no responsibility and no encroachment on a percentage of sales.
I do the full production of the project and take a percentage of the net profit. In this case, we act as partners. The percentage and the financial costs of the project are discussed individually, depending on the investment of the parties and the scope of the work. The percentage ranges from 30-70%.
We take you into an existing online school as a guest speaker for a fee.
Stages of work:
Result: you don't worry about the organization of processes — everything happens automatically without your participation.
Result: There is an audience for selling the course.
Result: the infrastructure of your project is ready to launch.
Result: you get an aesthetic visual design of an educational product in a single style.
Result: you know how to highlight your product on the market.
Result: you can completely trust.
Result: You get a personalized quotation with a calculated cost and time frame.
7. Automation of processes
We automate mailing lists, payments, adding users to the platform and opening lessons.
6. Promotion
Strategy and target setting to attract to the funnel.

5. Technical packaging
We make up the site on the selected platform, connect the payment system, mailing lists, set up a training platform.
We design the website, make presentations and handouts.
4. Visual packaging
3. Competitor analysis
We analyze 15-20 competitors in your niche, take the best and do not repeat mistakes.
1. Free consultation
We will prescribe clear agreements and areas of responsibility. Prepayment.
I answer all questions, we discuss the launch plan, we decide on the services and services needed.
2. Signing the contract