Visual content marketing in symbiosis with AI
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Dana Shkin
I am a Content Creator with experience in commercial filming. (I was Production designer at and action)
I love working with brands and locations to tell stories and connect with audiences.
promotional videos
This creative brought in 60 sales worth €540.
It was translated into Ukrainian and voiced with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
This creative brought more than 270 sales worth about €2,500.
promotional Photos
A day trip with horses for Ukrainian refugee children to improve their mental health.
An example of live content filming for the charity Angel's Voices who organised a horse riding trip for Ukrainian refugee children to help improve their mental health.

We went to Ecurie Du Desir in Lucy-sur-Cure, France, to stroke the horses, brush them and show them how to ride.
    The role of artificial intelligence in accelerating and improving content generation for social media :
    Sometimes you need an image that can be created very quickly and that will illustrate the content of a company, service, or product appropriately. Here are a few examples: when there were no photos yet, I used AI to create images that could be quickly placed on a website and illustrate it in the same style.
    Here's another example: you need to sell an online course on the art of communication. This image is neutral, reminiscent of art and makes an excellent background for the poster and the course announcement.
    Advertising banner design
    Presentation design
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