Media buying is the process of purchasing advertising space on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network to reach your target audience.

You need someone who will be setting your advertising through Meta Ads Manager.
Stages of work
You fill in the brief (Questionnaire about your business).
I get to know your business and target audience.
If you have had ads before,
I analyze it and find what can be improved.
Stage 1.
Together with you, we think over the advertising strategy and in which funnel we lead leads.
Stage 2.
I make creatives, write text for them.
Stage 3.
I'm doing a test run to understand how it goes, what works, what doesn't.
At this stage, an expensive lead, but we understand where you can reduce the price and what is expensive.
Stage 4.
We analyze whether we consider it profitable and scale what works well, reduce the cost of a lead.
Stage 5.
Report at the end of the month.
Stage 6.
Create traffic to:
– Instagram Expert
– Applications for a site with services
– Lead form
– Lead magnet
and etc.
€ 600 / month
and from € 600+ budget for Facebook payment